Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 2 of the Dream Journal

So last night I had a few dreams...and some of the turned into weirdness that doesn't really make any sense, so I'll start with the one I remember the most:

Dream #1: I dreamed that I was sitting in church next to this lady's kids. They were two little girls and they were playing with silly putty. I'll admit, the silly putty game got a little out of hand and they were waiving it all in my face, so I took the silly putty away. The older little girl said that "Anna" was gonna start crying and Anna got up and went to her mom and started crying. Her mom then took the silly putty away from me and told me I was too young to understand and that I shouldn't be disciplining her kids. Ouch.

So let's have some background to this story...At church on Sunday there was this family sitting behind us with two little kids. Their little boy (who was probably about 6 or 7) was throwing a huge fit about anything he could think of. At first it was because he wanted cookies, and then it was because he didn't want to share his cookies with his sister. He was also kicking the walls and kicking the bench we were sitting on. This went on for a good hour (I mean, how long can a kid complain about cookies?) and he was not being quiet about it. The room was pretty quiet, so I'm sure everyone could hear him. The whole time all his mom was doing was saying "sh" and "I'm gonna put you in the corner." Even he didn't believe that she was actually going to follow through. My mom would have pulled me out of that room so fast I would have forgotten what I was whining about. Needless to say, I wanted to kill the kid and so I had to try really hard to just be patient and realize it was not my problem...I guess I still haven't learned my lesson. Darn silly putty.

Dream #2: This dream is about my friend Bonnie...I think....I don't remember it really well because I'm still thinking about that darn silly putty dream, but I just remember we were on the bottom of a grocery cart (you know that bottom shelf that sometimes little kids sit on? What, you didn't do that when you were a kid?) and she was telling a funny story and we were laughing hysterically...There was one other person there with us but I can't remember who...


Three's Company said...

I am the same way with the whole kids in church thing. Even now that I have one, if she starts acting up she is out of there! Glad to know you have a blog now.

iminindiaandyourenot said...

I'M BACK! And you're right. You wouldn't have lasted five minutes acting like that in Church. It would have been the perfect excuse for me to take you out and stand around visiting with all the other moms in the hallway until Church was OVER. As a result of my strict policy, I have some considerable gaps in my comprehension of Church Doctrine.